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Beaulieu is a BLAST

Promoting leadership and success from top to bottom.

When you ask about leadership and success training by Beaulieu, the common reply is that “It’s a BLAST!” BLAST stands for Beaulieu Leadership And Success Training. Unlike most companies our size, everyone participates in BLAST– from the corporate offices to the plant level. This training is as much a part of the corporate culture as making award-winning carpet. On any given day, somewhere in the company, a session is being conducted.

This training was developed by the company associates. Its purpose is to instill the nine BLAST Practices into each of the 5,600-plus people who work here:

  • Professionalism

Reinforcing a culture of positive values and professional behavior by inspiring individuals to be more accountable and responsible for their work and results by motivating them to raise the quality and excellence of their work.

  • Personal Accountability

Creating the sense of freedom and empowerment that comes with assuming personal accountability for decisions and performance.

  • Positive Assumptions

Leadership and success training by Beaulieu also includes defining and identifying positive assumptions about people and learn how this attitude will make us better managers and supervisors. Having positive assumptions impacts trust, willingness to involve employees, openness to two-way communication, desire to provide training.

  • Adult to Adult Communication

Focusing upon the positive results of communicating in an adult to adult, open, and honest communication style.

  • Mutual Trust and Respect

Creating an awareness of how trust and respect can foster a high performance environment where win/win solutions become the norm.

  • Team Approach

Reinforcing the positive nature of utilizing a “we” team approach in our day-to-day environment.

  • Employee Involvement

Providing the rationale and WIIFM’s (what’s in it for me?) for increasing a work team’s level of involvement. Creating the desire to gain more knowledge and skill to expand current levels of employee involvement.

  • Continuous Improvement

Heightening awareness of the importance to focus on continuous improvement. Providing a user-friendly model for basic continuous improvement. Creating the awareness and desire to better use Company resources as part of continuous improvement efforts.

  • High Expectations

Providing experiential evidence that communicating higher expectations results in higher performance. “Raising the Bar” for participants by re-defining tasks into broad responsibilities and writing expectations for employees and team members.

With sessions ranging from five-days to periodic mini-sessions, leadership and success training by Beaulieu contributes to the company’s mission of being a leader in floor covering.