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The mission of Beaulieu® of America

Our Mission

The mission of Beaulieu of America is simple: To be the supplier of choice and the employer of choice in our community and industry. Every decision that we make is measured against achieving this, every single day.

As the supplier of choice, we’re known by our dealers, distributors and partners for superlative, personal service and they view themselves as valued members of our extended corporate family. The mission of Beaulieu of America also includes providing our customers with superlative products and unique, proprietary features and benefits driven – always – by customer needs. For that reason, we’re known as the carpet specialist in the industry: We are the #1 carpet-only manufacturer in the world, employing over 4,500 associates in over 22 facilities with annual sales in excess of $1 billion.

As the employer of choice, our mission is to be actively involved as a catalyst for community service, enabling our associates to give back in service projects that feed the hungry and assist those in need. They voluntarily support the Red Cross Food Bank of Murray County Georgia, the United Way, Toys for Tots, TV3 Share Your Christmas Food Drive, The Green House Child Advocacy Center, and others.

We also encourage physical fitness and good health. Ralph Boe, CEO of Beaulieu, instituted a million-mile challenge to the entire company in 2009. This challenge encouraged associates to walk or run to achieve personal mileage pledges that, in turn, contributed to the collective million-mile total. The company goal was achieved in less than a year. The next goal of two-million miles was also achieved ahead of schedule. As a result, the overall level of fitness improved company-wide and health insurance premiums went down. In this way, the entire company is committed to better health as part of the mission of Beaulieu of America. Even personal and professional achievements are recognized and celebrated company-wide.

Whether it’s people, products or community service, our mission as supplier of choice and employer of choice is always the goal for us, a major floor covering producer.