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Environmental stewardship

Environmental responsibility is our business responsibility.

Our environmental commitment at Beaulieu® is a long-standing pledge to protect the well-being of our people, our communities and the environment. It starts with making great carpet. Next, we establish the goal of being the best carpet supplier and the best employer in the carpet industry. From there, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint through responsible manufacturing practices.

These are the guiding principles of our environmental commitment:

  • Walk the talk. Use materials, resources and processes that reduce or eliminate the risk of pollution. And wherever possible, return waste to raw material use.
  • Act, measure, monitor and improve. Ensure continuous compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, benchmark environmental performance and measure progress on annual targets.
  • Seek sustainable growth. Use economy, ecology and social equity filters to evaluate and prioritize investments in technology and innovation that result in profitability, sustainability and workplace excellence.
  • Make sustainability everyone’s job. Make sure all employees are provided with appropriate training and encourage their input on all programs.
  • Earn the right to operate. Verify green marketing claims through scientific standards and/or third-party certifications. Then make the information transparent and accessible.
  • Act with urgency, but plan for generations. Plan for the near- and long-term benefit our employees, our shareholders, the communities where we operate, our customers and global stakeholders.
  • Change the world, not just the copy. Be the employer and supplier of choice in the carpet industry through practical, understandable, honest and transparent actions that promote a culture of sustainability.

Beaulieu products featuring OmniLocTM Modular backing or Green Smart® carpet fiber are just the beginning in our quest for popular products in their categories that are both superior and ecologically sound. More are coming in the future.

Success involves the intelligent redesign of how our products are made, used and recycled. We’re not talking about consumption without consequences. We’re talking about understanding the negative consequences well enough to:

  • reduce negative consequences through conservation
  • eliminate negative consequences for zero-impact
  • achieve positive consequences in a restorative, closed-loop, cradle-to-cradle process

At Beaulieu, our environmental commitment is the time, technology, investment, creativity and wisdom in the right combination to find the best paths to a sustainable future.