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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Bliss® carpet been around?
A: The idea for the Bliss brand was created by Beaulieu of America in 2007. Bliss carpet displays arrived at retailer showrooms in 2008.

Q: Who is Beaulieu®?
A: It is the parent company of Bliss carpets and is the largest carpet-only maker in the world. It employs approximately 4,500 in over 22 facilities and is based in Dalton, Georgia, USA.

Q: What is meant by “The nicest carpet in the world” ® ?
A: Bliss was developed to improve the experience of shopping for carpet as well as the home’s indoor environment in a variety of ways:

  • Making the carpet displays, language and shopping process simpler
  • Creating solutions-oriented carpets that do more than cover floors
  • Developing unique, proprietary features that provide real benefit
  • Manufacturing the best quality carpet and providing the best service

Q: Can I purchase Bliss carpet directly from Beaulieu?
A: Nope. But you will find Bliss proudly displayed in thousands of floor covering retail showrooms across the country.

Q: Where can I find Bliss carpet?
A: See the dealer locator on our website:

Q: How can I get samples of Bliss carpet?
A: Bliss carpet displays have take-home samples. Ask your Bliss retailer. 

Q: How do I know which Bliss carpet is right for me?
A: With Bliss, there’s a carpet for just about everyone. For example …  If you have a growing, active family, look at Bliss Healthy Home carpets. If you want luxury and durability, we’ve got Bliss STAIMASTER® with Magic Fresh®. If you want super-softness and durability, you’ll want Bliss HealthyTouch If you’re redoing your kid’s room, don’t forget Bliss for Kids carpets.

Q: What is Beaulieu doing to help the environment?
A: Beaulieu of America is committed to a better environment for everyone. Beaulieu is one of the leading recyclers of plastic drink bottles in the carpet industry to make its P.E.T. polyester fiber called Green Smart®. Beaulieu also pioneered OmniLocTM Modular carpet backing that uses post-consumer materials in its construction. At Beaulieu, success in its commitment to the environment involves the intelligent redesign of how its products are made, used, and recycled.

Q: Is Bliss carpet available for commercial installations like businesses, stores or offices?
A: No. However, Beaulieu of America does make Hollytex® main street commercial carpets that are available at floor covering retailers for a variety of installations, such as offices in the home, retail shops, small offices, common areas of apartment complexes, or workout rooms. Beaulieu Commercial produces other brands for specified commercial installations such as office buildings, health care, public spaces and hospitality: BOLYU® Contract, Cambridge® Commercial, Aqua Hospitality Carpets®, and OmniLocTM Modular Carpet Tiles.

Q: What do we mean by anti-static?
A: Technically speaking, that’s a discharge of static electricity of 3.5 kV or less. Carpets from Beaulieu that are labeled anti-static are Bliss STAINMASTER® with Magic Fresh® and Hollytex® main street commercial carpets.

Q: What is Green Label® Plus Certification?
A: All Beaulieu carpets proudly carry this certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. This means that Beaulieu carpets emit (or “off-gas”) VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) well below minimum safe requirements. The Green Label is your assurance that a carpet has been tested and shown to meet stringent indoor air quality criteria. For more information, go to

Q: What is Green Smart®?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive eco-friendly P.E.T polyester carpet fiber made by recycling water and soft drink bottles that have been diverted from landfills. You’ll find Green Smart used on select Bliss Healthy Home carpets.

Q: What is HealthyTouch?
HealthyTouch is a new collection of super soft Bliss carpet styles that all have both Magic Fresh®, the built-in odor-reducing technology and Silver Release®, the addition of an anti-microbial treatment that inhibits the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.  It is the perfect choice for the consumer who wants the ultimate in luxury with the added protection these features provide.

Q: What is Wrinkle Guard™?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive high-density woven polypropylene carpet backing that provides stronger, less visible seams. Its dimensional stability helps carpets lay flat and stay flat. Wrinkle Guard comes with a 10-year no-wrinkle warranty. You’ll find Wrinkle Guard used on select carpets.

Q: What is Magic Fresh®?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive, built-in odor-reducing carpet treatment. It reduces common household odors such as pet, cooking and smoking odors. You'll find Magic Fresh on most Bliss and Hollytex carpets.

Q: What is PermaSoft® Plus BCF Nylon Fiber?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive solution-dyed nylon fiber with exceptional durability and performance. It can even be cleaned with a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach.

Q: What is PermaShield®?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive advanced stain protection. You’ll find it on select Bliss Flirtation™, Bliss Healthy Home® and Bliss for Kids™ carpets.

Q: What is PermaTwist®?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive solution-dyed olefin carpet fiber created to have the low luster look, feel and texture of wool at a fraction of the cost. Its double twisted yarns give you a unique striated coloration, unmatched and unequalled anywhere else in the industry.

Q: What is OmniLocTM carpet backing?

A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive eco-friendly carpet backing made with 40% post-consumer recycled content made up of post-consumer recycled water and soda bottles and post-consumer recycled glass that is superior to traditional backings.

Q: What is SoftSense® fiber?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive carpet fiber created by a special extrusion process that makes extremely soft polyester fibers. These soft fibers are then densely packed together by Beaulieu for a carpet with a satisfying cushiony, buttery-soft touch.

Q: What are solution-dyed carpet fibers?
A: The color is not just on the surface of the carpet fiber but goes all the way through the fiber. This means the color can’t wear-off, wash off or fade.

Q: What is the “You’ll love it or we’ll take it back” Guarantee?
A: It simply means that if you’re not satisfied with select Bliss carpets for any reason (like the color didn’t go with your drapes the way you’d hoped, or the texture doesn’t look right with your furniture) Beaulieu will replace it. See your Bliss dealer for details.

Q: What is Silver Release®?
A: It is a Beaulieu exclusive antimicrobial built-in carpet treatment technology. It inhibits the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew in the carpet and in no way affects or improves the health of people or animals. You’ll find Silver Release on Bliss Healthy Home and Bliss HealthyTouch carpets.

Q: What BCF stand for?
A: This is an industry term for Bulked Continuous Filament. These are continuous strands of fiber used to make carpet. This is different than staple fibers which can be 3 to 10 inches long.