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Decorating Trends - Nude Blush and Flesh Tones

Posted on: Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's a design trend sure to work in your own decorating scheme!

blush tones collage

Nude, Blush, and Flesh Tones:

Flesh tones and blushy hues are all the rage.  They're simple.  They're pretty.  And they're subtle and sensible.  Put a few of these tones in any room, and the room instantly becomes more romantic, artful, and refined.

Pair them with blacks and dark grays, and they'll pop.  They will also be more structured and masculine.  Pair them with other soft colors and they'll soften the feel of the entire room.  Pair them with white to create the chicest of chic.

Use them with any neutral tones or gray toned carpets from Bliss, to create a soft, sensual, and luxurious room.


Decorate your home with nudeblush and flesh tones