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Carpet's Comfort Makes Comeback

Posted on: Thursday, September 22, 2011

News we can be comfortable with!

A recent article by Melissa Kossler Dutton of the Associated Press, proclaims “Carpet’s comfort makes a comeback.” Hey, who says there’s no good news anymore?! Actually, we’ve known all along carpet’s a virtually unbeatable floor covering, but it’s nice when someone else acknowledges it, too.

Carpet is many things to many people. Here is our own ‘Top 10 list’ of likes. See if you don’t agree:

#10. Carpet is a good insulator. Particularly important if you live in colder areas like Nome, Alaska — or anywhere if you’re a bit cold natured and want to save a little on your energy bill.

#9. Carpet acts like a giant air filter for your home. Think about it ... Things like dust and pet dander get trapped and held in place by carpet until you’re ready to vacuum it away. With other floors like tile or wood, those things can get trapped in your nose. Which would you rather have?

#8. Carpet is quiet. Particularly important to your kids who need to tip-toe past you (asleep on the couch) when they arrive home after their curfew. Don’t believe that? Just ask them the next morning.

#7. Carpet is a decorator’s dream. Where else can you find a surface covering with so many colors, so many patterns, and so many textures? No matter how good (or challenged) you are in matters of design, there’s a carpet made for you.

#6. Carpet is for big clumsy people or little folks just learning how to walk. Just ask yourself, what would you rather fall on — a carpeted floor or a ceramic floor? And if you’re old enough to remember, what kind of floor did Dick Van Dyke (aka Rob Petrie)

take a tumble on in the opening of every “Dick Van Dyke Show”? It sure wasn’t made out of oak.

#5. Carpet is kind to your piggy bank. Translation: We’re talking more bang for your floor covering buck. In fact we can’t think of any flooring that delivers so much for so little dough.

#4. Carpet installs fast and easy (Note: Use a professional installer, please). No dust. No saws. No drying time. No hassle.

#3. Carpet can make your home fresher smelling and feel cleaner (Note: That is if it’s Bliss by Beaulieu carpet).

#2. Carpet can be very accident resistant. With today’s stain and soil-resistant fibers, most carpet is practically worry-free (Note: Beaulieu’s PermaShield).

And the Number One reason we like carpet so much ...

It just feels better!