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Decorating Tips from Hotel Rooms

Posted on: Friday, June 10, 2011

Emulate the design and structure of a upscale hotel room to update your own home.

Decorating Tips from Hotel Rooms?


Remember how great it is to sneak away from your hectic life for a day or two and stay in an upscale hotel room?  That feeling that you have when you walk into a nice, clean, elegant room and all the furnishings and carpet coordinate perfectly and the room smells so fresh and clean.  The room just says luxury and beauty.

You can have all that plus you can add touches of your own personality.

Hotel room decor is simple, functional and inviting.  Most of us like simple, functional and inviting spaces.  Face it, decorating isn't rocket science.  Do what you like and have fun with it!

Add splashes of color to an overall neutral-toned room.  Fluffy pillows, flower pots or large ornate picture frames can drastically change the look of your room.  Build character in your room with unique pieces of art or with flowers.  Incorporate mirrors to help lighten your area and make the room appear larger.

What a hotel room has that your home may not have is balance.  Try to lay out your furniture in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way.  Symmetry and the size of your design elements are key.

For example, a painting above a headboard should be in proportion to the size of the headboard or a side table does not need to overwhelm a small chair.

When choosing color, remember it is boring to use the same exact shades of a color.  Add textures and patterns to help create different tones from the same families of colors.

Remember that hotel spaces are all about peace, relaxation and indulgence.  When designing your area, avoid clutter and think about creative areas for storage.

Re-visit your lighting choices for your area.  Is it too dark?  Do you have enough natural light or can you create the feeling of sunshine coming through your windows?

And if you want to achieve that fresh, clean smell in all or your rooms, choose any Bliss by Beaulieu carpet with Magic Fresh because it reduces household odors such as pet, cooking and smoke odors.  Carpet that makes your room smell fresh....unbelievable, but true.  Check out the Bliss web site for more information about Magic Fresh: -treatment/magic-fresh

Yes...hotel room can influence design ideas for your own personal space.  Ideas can be found anywhere.  Just be open to new things!