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Decorating Trends - Ikats with Chevrons

Posted on: Friday, May 13, 2011

Here's another hot new design trend, with a carpet recommendation to boot!

ikat and chevron

Ikats with Chevrons:

Ikats have been on the rise for the past few years.  They've been incorporated in everything from jewelry to clothing and to, well, everything in home decor.

The newest way to use the Ikat pattern is to put the classic Chevron pattern with it.  Designers are starting to create fabrics including both of the patterns.  People are mixing the patterns in their own home decor.  A very common way (pictured in room scenes above) is to use Ikat pillows or chairs and to use Chevron on the floor.

Want to utilize this trend, but don't want the boldness of the Chevron on the floor?

bliss cascadeTry Bliss products, Cascade or Sculptures.  These tone on tone, cut and loop patterns are perfect fits to achieve this look.  They aren't as bold as the Chevron, but blend well with other prints and the Ikat.