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Home Hospitality

Posted on: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Domestic Design's Entertaining Makeover

Fuelled by an emerging army of DIY creatives-amateur enthusiasts with professional aspirations-a new interior styling trend is surfacing based on transforming ordinary homes into hubs of entertainment. Stylus investigates a new genre of domestic styling taking its cues directly from the hospitality industry.

As the volatile financial climate persists a legion of recession battling, creative customers are focusing their amateur skills on their homes in a bid to ensure the new need to stay in becomes as satisfying as the old routine of going out.

What started with supper clubs-where amateur chefs/party hosts invite diners into their own homes-is now evolving into interior design concepts more usually associated with private members clubs, bars and restaurants. As a re-imaging of the home, these concepts place the essence of hospitality at the very core of residential living.

Favorite quote from Lee Broom, Interior Designer: "I'm from the school of thought that the only kitchen equipment you need is a tin opener and a corkscrew, but it's important that you get the look of your space exactly right, as that is what sets the mood."


 Domestic Design 1

                                                       Domestic Design 2


Bliss Blog says...Nothing else make a room more warm and inviting for entertaining than carpet. And entertaining season is just around the corner!