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My Observations

Posted on: Monday, January 24, 2011

Here are a couple of observations I’ve made about we women and the art of shopping

1. Women are wired differently.
The way women think impacts the way they shop. Men are wired to compartmentalize. Their brains are like waffles—nice neat little separate compartments for information and details. Women’s brains are like spaghetti—a twisting, interwoven and relational stream of facts, interpretations, intuitions, comparisons and emotions. Women are nurturing, relational and … serious shoppers. A woman’s shopping process is a better, interactive process than a man’s. Okay, I’ll say it … women were born to shop. We’re naturals and we’re very, very good at it!

2. We’re shopping online more than ever.
The Internet moved from a male-dominated medium to a female shopping tool of choice as high-speed connections grew in the nation’s homes. It’s now over 75% penetration. The combination of the Internet and our shopping prowess has created an interesting shopping phenomenon for replacement flooring called the “Web-to-Store” cycle. The Web-to-Store cycle is started by family, friends, shelter books or cable programming. Then the cycle kicks in, usually first with online research, then store visits, then deeper online research, then more store visits, and so on. The cycle may go one round or several. As the process continues, the intensity of comparisons increases, until we’re satisfied that a solution is within grasp.

Patricia Flavin
Patricia is Senior VP of Marketing for Beaulieu of America, mother of four boys, former jewelry and cosmetics entrepreneur and shop-at-home TV network personality for many years.


women and the art of shopping