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Paint Colors are Key

Posted on: Thursday, September 8, 2011

Use paint colors as a critical mood setter to spark interest in your room.

Often first with the trends, Manhattanites have been pioneering the return of the dining room as a key way of showcasing their hard-won inner-city  properties.  The current trend shows a focus on decor anchored in contrast rather than in complements and mixing up palettes to spark interest rather than play it safe.

British interior designer Abigail Ahern, who regularly works in the U.S., says:  "It's much more exciting to play with color, and I've noticed a lot of moody hues such as greys and inky blacks coming out of New York recently.  They'll make the magic happen by adding a horizontal or vertical strip of saffron, teal or tomato red.  The look is zingy and instantly makes the room feel ready for a party."

Paint color as a critical mood setter is a principle that London-based interior designer Adam Bray also adheres to.  Bray, who has created a range of paints for the premium UK decorating company Paper & Paint Library - maintains that dark colors such as midnight blues and dusky crimsons are sexy and sophisticated, and therefore make people feel sexy and sophisticated.  Echoing Ahern, he suggests painting wide vertical stripes of gloss paint over a matt paint in the same color.  The idea is that the shiny surface will reflect the low lights and glasses set for the dinner party, creating an atmosphere in which the whole room will appear to sparkle.

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Bliss Blog says.....Use soft neutral and quiet carpet to allow your walls and accents to dazzzle your space.


From Stylus September Issue