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Tangerine Tango

Posted on: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tangerine? What about Boyz-N-Berry?

Pantone has it’s own idea when it comes to the color of the year.

Just when we thought it was safe to visit our local Sherwin-Williams to pick up a gallon of purple paint (See “Purple ‘IN’ for 2012” posted November 23, 2011) we catch this in the local paper: “Tangerine Tango: Pantone selects top color for 2012” as reported by the Associated Press. The Color Marketing Group needs to call Pantone and tell them that they’ve already decided this, thank you very much. 

What’s interesting about this selection is that it’s the exact opposite (across the old color wheel for those of you old enough to remember) from the CMG selection. Somehow, we don’t think these two hues will harmonize very well in most decors, unless you’re designing the locker room for some sports team.  


Our advice … pick one and go for it!


Tangerine Tango