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Tis The Season To Feel Young Again

Posted on: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bring Your Childhhood Memories to Life During the Holidays

Tis the Season to Feel Young Again  

For many of us, Christmas is loaded with favorite childhood memories. If you’re a Baby Boomer (someone born after 1946 but before 1965) chances are your memories of Christmas are somewhat different than the celebration, the decorations and trimmings of Christmas 2011. A big, acceptable component of Christmas is nostalgia – a longing for the past: The symbols, the ornaments, the colors, and even the smells that transport us back to a simpler time in our life. The great thing is that it’s perfectly acceptable, in fact it’s totally cool (if we may borrow that equally nostalgic accolade) to decorate your home 50’s style. As Christmas approaches, start thinking about how you might turn your home into something classic! Courtesy of Stylus, here are some inspiring images, colors … and fun!

 Nostalgia 1A

 Nostalgia 5