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December 29, 2010

sitting room

Trends to Watch in 2011

by Tiffany Jaworksi, Beaulieu of America Carpet Designer & Stylist

Tiffany is a carpet designer and is responsible for much of the creativity behind the award-winning Bliss Flirtation collection at Beaulieu. She is an expert in color and trends forecasting for the largest carpet-only maker in the world.

There are some exciting themes and inspirations that are driving home décor today. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I’ve observed as significant trends for the coming year. As you’re considering your next decorating project, keep these in mind for something that’s really stylish.

Metallics are big and bold. This category can include anything from sheens to full-on metal, hammered metal, and nail heads. These elements add a bit of masculinity to a room or an outfit. The juxtaposition of using bold metallics and metals with other accents like lace or ethereal fabrics provides an interesting contrast between masculine accents and feminine romance.

This is a trend that is also becoming a classic. It’s one that has emerged and become more prevalent with the homespun, craftsman, and DIY movements. Lace is feminine. It’s pretty, and it’s a classic beauty. It mixes well with other patterns and styles, and it’s a sophisticated detail to which females are often drawn.

Colors and patterns:
In fashion, vivid colors are becoming more and more popular. Using leather and various other “tough” fabrics are also big. These are often used as accents or in classic pieces such as a jacket or boots. Floral prints are on the rise. These can be bright and bold with the vivid type colors, and run the gamut to the other extreme of pastel and vintage-esque. Ikat patterns are huge and mesh well with a vast array of styles. Look for these concepts to trickle down into the home as well.

Emerging popular home ideas are both modern and vintage-inspired. This might seem like two very different concepts, and they are. But despite their differences, they are also being used together to create an eclectic look. The modern scheme often uses monochromatic colors and utilizes storage in modern ways. The vintage scheme is full of old things being repurposed. Repurposing is huge and will continue to grow in both fashion and home décor. It saves money, it’s green, and it provides interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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