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Green Smart

The carpet fiber in harmony with nature.

Being good stewards of our environment is as important to us as it is to you. With that in mind, we’re proud to offer Green Smart eco-friendly carpet fiber, made exclusively by Beaulieu® for select Bliss® carpets. The beauty of this fiber is that it starts out life as discarded plastic water and soda bottles. We use the recycled content to make its gorgeously vibrant and luxuriously soft P.E.T. polyester yarn. We know we’re making a difference because approximately 1.6 billion bottles that would otherwise go into landfills annually are used to make our carpets. Perhaps that’s why we’re called, “The nicest carpet in the world”®. If you’re looking for a floor covering solution that makes environmental sense, carpets made with Green Smart are for you.

To make it, we start by collecting discarded water and soda bottles at our recycling plant where they’re sorted into groups of clear and colored plastic. Labels and caps are removed and the bottles are sanitized. Next, the bottles are shredded, melted and made into small pellets that are the ideal medium for us to produce high-quality fiber. These pellets are then extruded into eco-friendly carpet fiber P.E.T. polyester and woven into the Bliss flooring you love.

Other recycled content product innovations we’ve developed include OmniLocTM modular tiles made with 40% minimum post consumer recycled content based on the total weight of the finished product and is also 40% lighter than conventional carpet backing. OmniLocTM modular tiles are more dimensionally stable, so installation is easier and more precise. These tiles are manufactured using 100% renewable green energy. Our commitment to a better environment doesn’t end there. We’ve long been an industry leader in the areas of water and power conservation during the manufacturing process.

In addition to reducing waste in our landfills, it also requires far less petroleum and energy resources to manufacture. Talk about a real conservation success story! For a beautiful environment outside as well as inside, choose Healthy Home carpets made with Green Smart eco-friendly carpet fiber. They’re available only from Beaulieu and are one more reason why Bliss carpets are some of the greenest in the world, no matter which color you choose.