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OmniLoc About Us Environment

Where ecology and performance work as one.

OmniLocTM modular eco-friendly carpet backing, made exclusively by Beaulieu, sets the standard for post-consumer content in floor covering. We call it “eco-friendly” because it’s made with 40% minimum post consumer recycled content based on the total weight of the finished product. It also weighs 40% lighter than conventional backing, which means less fuel is required to transport it. In addition to being lightweight, it is also 50% stronger than conventional backing with vastly improved bind performance. It’s dimensionally stable, making installation an easier and more precise exercise. (It cuts easier, too.) To top it all off, the power generated to manufacture OmniLocTM Modular backing is 100% renewable green energy. Its LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) has been third-party certified for your assurance.

OmniLocTM modular eco-friendly carpet backing is warranted for up to 10 years against wear, tuft bind, pilling or fuzzing, delamination, edge ravel, zippering, static propensity and dimensional stability. See warranty information for complete details.Invented by the engineers at Beaulieu, this eco-friendly carpet backing was one of the first floor covering products developed with minimal environmental impact in mind. Since then, it has become one of the industry’s go-to products for architects and designers who specify green flooring for their projects. With roughly two pounds of recycled content per tile, it contributes mightily toward landfill diversions with post-consumer recycled content.

Hollytex® main street commercial carpet by Beaulieu uses OmniLocTM modular eco-friendly carpet backing. Hollytex main street commercial brings the look, durability, features and style of specified commercial flooring used in large businesses to “Main Street USA”. Hollytex is also a perfect solution for home offices, home workout rooms, home theaters or playrooms – anywhere that a beautiful, highly durable and anti-static solution is needed. It’s available at better floor covering retailers, so it’s easy to find, select and order.Another environmentally responsible solution from Beaulieu is our Green Smart fiber. Made exclusively by Beaulieu® for select Bliss® carpets, Green Smart fiber is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic water and soda bottles, which makes for a beautifully vibrant and luxuriously soft P.E.T. polyester filament fiber. We’ve determined that approximately 1.6 billion bottles that would otherwise go into landfills are used annually in its manufacture.