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Anti-Static feature

An anti-static spark of genius.

Select Beaulieu carpets have an anti-static feature that’s a permanent part of the nylon carpet fiber. Technically, it’s a carbon core inside the fiber and cannot be lost or broken down by cleanings or wear. The products we offer with this anti-static feature are Bliss STAINMASTER® with Magic Fresh® and Holleytex® main street commercial nylon fiber carpets. Hollytex made with olefin fibers are inherently non-static – meaning they will generate static electricity under industry standards of 3.5 kV.*

Static shock doesn’t mean a carpet has a defect — static buildup is a natural occurrence. It’s the accumulation of an electrical charge on the surface of an object, usually caused by the friction of two objects rubbing together. Many things can generate a static charge, under a variety of conditions. In carpet, for example, those conditions are dependent upon the relative humidity in the room, the amount of walking, the type of shoes or soles worn and the type of carpet padding underneath. In most cases, an occasional build-up of static discharge is a harmless nuisance — and that is what our anti-static feature helps to prevent. In fact, personal computer manufacturers have long recognized the challenge of static electricity and have insulated their products to help prevent problems from the occasional discharge.

The anti-static feature built into Bliss and Hollytex products carries a Lifetime Warranty and is meant to inhibit discharge, only. Even if you keep your indoor relative humidity above the recommended 40% level, the humidity outdoors can also have an effect. Also, if you use anti-static sprays on your carpet, they have a limited lifespan and will have a tendency to attract soil.

*As established by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. 3.5 kV or higher of static electricity has been determined as a level of unpleasant shock.

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