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Beaulieu SoftSense™ fiber for Bliss carpets

Softness and durability in blissful coexistence.

The super-soft sensation of Beaulieu SoftSense fiber for Bliss carpets could well be your dream come true for a wonderfully soft floor. This fiber was created for Bliss by a special Beaulieu® of America fiber extrusion process that results in incredibly supple polyester fibers, which are then densely packed together by for a carpet that’s satisfying and cushiony with a buttery-soft feel. HealthyTouch™ is made exclusively with SoftSense and you’ll only find it at your local Bliss dealer.

HealthyTouch carpet with Beaulieu SoftSense fiber for Bliss carpets is remarkable in how it uniquely combines softness with rugged durability.

HealthyTouch is the only collection of carpeting that offers this impressive combination of features: Magic Fresh® odor controlling treatment, Silver Release® antimicrobial treatment, 3M Scotchgard® Protector, Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty and our “You’ll love it or we’ll take it back” Guarantee.

You can spend more for a super-soft carpet, but you won’t get a carpet that has more comfort and performance for everyday life than with Beaulieu SoftSense fiber for Bliss carpets. That’s how we make sense when buying soft!