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Beaulieu solution-dyed carpet fiber

Color through and through.

For deep, beautiful and vibrant color that lasts, you can’t beat Beaulieu solution-dyed carpet fiber. By it’s very nature, the color is locked-in because it permeates all the way through the fiber itself. A great way to illustrate the difference between this fiber and other carpet fibers is to think of the difference between a radish and a carrot. Slice a radish in half and you’ll see the red color only along the outside edge while the inside of the radish remains a stark white. Cut a carrot in half and you’ll see the same orange color all the way through. Such is Beaulieu solution-dyed carpet fiber: Its color goes all the way through just like a carrot!

Imagine all the benefits that our solution-dyed carpets make possible. The harshest sunlight won’t fade them, so they’re ideal for homes in, say, the southwestern United States. So, if you’re carpeting a sunroom, no fade, no worries! Solution-dyed carpet fiber is also perfect when you’re carpeting an area that will likely get a lot of wear and tear from foot-traffic. The color simply doesn’t wear out. Amazingly, should a bad spill ever occur, it can be cleaned with a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach with no affect on color. Whether you prefer nylon or polyester, they’re as durable as they are beautiful.

You’ll find Beaulieu solution-dyed carpet fiber used in many Bliss collections – some styles even carry our Lifetime Stain “No Exclusions” Warranty. Carpets covered by this have been specifically engineered to resist all permanent stains, without exceptions – including pet urine.  For more details, see the "Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty" section of the Beaulieu Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information booklet. For good advice on how to remove spots and stains, go to the Stain Removal Methods section, or call 800-944-2840 for spot removal recommendations. The Beaulieu Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information booklet can be found in the About Us section of this website under warranties.