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PermaShield® advanced stain protection

Stand up to stains, beautifully.

Considering the unavoidable certainty of an accidental spill on your carpet, it only makes sense to defend against it. Which is why we offer PermaShield advanced stain protection. Developed exclusively by Beaulieu® engineers, it ensures your carpet stands up to most common household spills and accidents and the stains they cause – making it a key component of your preventative maintenance for carpet strategy. This technology is available on select Bliss Flirtation™, Healthy Home® and Bliss for Kids™ carpet styles. With it, your carpets will look cleaner and newer, longer. Depending on the carpet you select, PermaShield carries residential stain resistance warranties of 5, 7, 10 or even 15 years. How blissful is that?

Of course, there are some exclusions, and here they are: The warranty for PermaShield advanced stain protection excludes substances that contain strongly colored natural dyes, which include, but are not limited to hot coffee, herbal tea, mustard, substances that change or destroy dyes, such as bleaches, caustics, paints, plant food, medicines, skin care products containing benzoyl peroxide, perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, urine, feces, and vomit. Also excluded is carpet installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. See Beaulieu of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information for more details.

Remember, all spots and stains, regardless of warranty, require immediate attention. The longer you wait to clean it up, the greater the risk of the spot becoming permanent. And always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for spot removal so as not to void your warranty.

PermaShield is one of several spot and stain resistance options available from Bliss, the nicest carpet in the world.® Check out Bliss STAINMASTER® Carpet with Magic Fresh® and Bliss HealthyTouch™ super-soft and super-durable carpet with 3M Scotchgard® Protector. You can even find Bliss carpets available with a Beaulieu Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty.

Enjoy a blissful relationship with your carpet thanks to PermaShield advanced stain protection available exclusively from Beaulieu of America. For good advice on how to remove spots and stains, go to Spot Removal Tips for Carpet, or call 800-944-2840 for spot removal recommendations. You can also refer to the Beaulieu of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information.