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Bliss STAINMASTER® carpet with Magic Fresh® odor reducing treatment

Lasting beauty and freshness that’s perfect for growing families.

The Bliss collection of STAINMASTER® carpet with Magic Fresh® combines the #1 name in carpet stain resistance with the #1 name in odor reduction. If ever there was an ideal carpet for active, growing families that don’t want to sacrifice smart styling and good looks for real-life durability, this is it!

For a generation, STAINMASTER® has been the ultimate example of stain-resistant performance for nylon carpets. The Bliss collection of STAINMASTER® carpets with Magic Fresh uses that performance as a starting point, and combines performance features to it to create the following blissfully diverse lines:

  • STAINMASTER® carpet with Tactesse® fiber – Its BCF nylon fiber gives this carpet all the softness of natural fibers, yet is designed for heavy traffic.
  • STAINMASTER® carpet with LotusFX™ fiber– Inspired by nature, its Fiber Shield technology mimics the self-cleaning ability of the lotus flower leaf, making it very difficult for soil particles to stick to the fiber.
  • STAINMASTER® carpet with Luxerell® fiber – An extremely fine denier BCF nylon fiber has a luxurious cashmere-soft feel without sacrificing durability.
  • STAINMASTER® carpet with ExtraBody II™ fiber – BCF nylon fiber construction and an extra-thick carpet feel gives this carpet high abrasion resistance without losing its texture.

Our STAINMASTER® fibers are all Type 6,6 nylon and coated with LotusFX™ Fiber Shield technology. These fibers repel both stains and soil while providing a deep, lustrous color and texture retention. Of course, all spots and stains, regardless of the fiber or warranty, require immediate attention. The longer you wait to clean it up a spill, the greater the risk of it becoming permanent.

The Bliss collection of STAINMASTER® carpet with Magic Fresh is the only STAINMASTER® collection that also reduces common household odors (like pet, cooking and smoking odors). When odors come into contact with our Magic Fresh odor reducing carpet treatment, the odors are broken down and released back into the air as harmless and odorless carbon dioxide. That means you’ve got a cleaner smelling home without having the use of air fresheners or deodorizers. With proper care, the stain resistance of STAINMASTER® and the odor control of Magic Fresh will last for the life of the carpet.

It’s a simple fact. If you’ve got kids and pets, you’ve got to have a Bliss style of STAINMASTER® carpet with Magic Fresh. For good advice on how to remove spots and stains, go to “Spot Removal Tips”, or call 800-944-2840 for spot removal recommendations. You can also refer to the Beaulieu America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information.

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