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Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for Beaulieu® carpets

We stand up to stains and stand behind our carpet.

Want complete peace-of-mind? You’ll have it with our Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for Beaulieu® carpets, including Bliss HealthyTouch™ and Magic Fresh® carpet collections. Just follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for your new Bliss carpet and you’re protected from most common food, beverage or household accidents – even pet urine – for the life of the carpet. For complete details, on our warranty, see the Beaulieu of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information.

Some Beaulieu carpets made with solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber carry a Lifetime Stain “No Exclusions” Warranty. With our solution-dyed fibers, the color is “locked-in” and is part of the fiber itself. “No Exclusions” covers carpet that has been specifically engineered to resist against all permanent stains, without exception. This does not cover the re-appearance of spots that have been previously cleaned. See “Bliss SoftSense Solution Dyed Polyester Lifetime ‘No Exclusions’ Stain Warranty” for more details.

Remember, all spots and stains, regardless of coverage, require immediate attention. Even with a Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty, the longer you wait to clean it up, the greater the risk of the spot becoming permanent. For good advice on how to remove spots and stains for Beaulieu® carpets, go to Spot Removal Tips for Carpet, or call 800-944-2840 for spot removal recommendations. For additional information, you can also refer to our Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information. Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for spot removal from your carpet so as not to void your protection.